The axe is a tool used to cut down trees and take down structures. It costs 10 pounds at Gillcrest's General Store.

In The Northern Frontier there are 3 types of axes, The Axe (Colonist), The Scuffed Axe (Native), and The Robust Axe (Robux item). The only difference between all of these axes are the design and the speed, since the Robust Axe cuts down trees and structures twice as fast as the Scuffed Axe or Colonist Axe. To use an axe, you simply walk up to a tree and hold E. After the blue bar is done traveling across the white box, the tree will disappear and 1-3 tree logs will appear. To pick these up, hover your cursor on them and hold E.

It can be crafted for 2 logs and 1 iron ingot at a blacksmithing station.

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