The Kentucky Rifle is a long-ranged musket sold at Gillcrest's General Store for 50 pounds. It fires a single lead ball that deals 70 damage and has very good range and accuracy to compensate for its lower damage. It also sports a bayonet at the end of its barrel which deals 50 damage per swing.

The purpose of the Kentucky Rifle is to provide a long ranged weapon to compensate for the flow of short-ranged weapons in the frontier. The Kentucky Rifle is mostly composed of wood, with some parts made out of iron and gold.


  • Get on higher ground at longer distances to get your enemies in a position where they cannot retaliate without bows or a Kentucky
  • Pair this weapon with a long pistol, dual pistol, or a sharpe pistol to KO an enemy before they bandage.
  • Even though it has low damage, use its range to quickly reload after a long ranged shot, or use allies to quickly fire multiple shots to down an enemy.
  • If you do not happen to have a melee weapon on you, use the included bayonet to do finish off your attacker.
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