The Macahuitl is a melee weapon that is similar to the Sledge Hammer. It consists of a wooden handle with obsidian blades sticking out of its sides. It deals 50-55 average damage per hit landed, but you cannot block like every other melee weapon. It is also used to break down reinforced walls.


To craft a Macahuitl, you will need 1 stone spear, and 14 stone.

Stone Spear: 2 Logs + 4 Stone

Macahuitl: Stone Spear + 14 Stone

In total: 2 Logs + 18 Stone


  • Wait until your enemy stops blocking and is off guard to quickly hit them twice and K.O them.
  • Use this weapon to create mass havic when in a big melee fight.
  • Try to wait until your enemy runs out of stamina so he can't block your swings.
  • This item resembles a weapon used by the Aztecs

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