The wooden chest is a storage component used to store items it has unlimited space and has to be emptied before it can be picked up. It also allows you to transfer gear between your and your friends. But be wary for the chest can be looted and is open to anyone. So make sure to keep it close by, It can store everything from guns to clothes. It is much more so its convenient because it can prevent you from becoming over-encumbered, which is great because the items needed to build a chest are a meager 8 logs. It was removed in the Halloween update, but re-added. It can be bought at the general store for 128 pounds.

Deployables Bedroll - Large tent - Blacksmith Station - Trading post - Campfire - Ground Torch - Engineering Station - Wooden Chest
Food Red Apple - Green Apple - Bread - Cooked Potato - Cheddar Slice - Rat Meat - Elk Meat - Deer Meat - Rabbit Meat - Beaver Meat - Salmon - Shark - Trout - Yellow Perch - Muskellunge - Catfish - Carp - Walleye
Storage Regular knapsack - Small knapsack - Large knapsack
Tools Pocket Watch - Axe - Lantern - Fishing Pole - Pickaxe - Torch - Compass - Spyglass - Bandages